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Selling Your Timeshare

Gather your Documentation

Gather together your ownership documents to find out what you actually own. For example, is your timeshare deeded, right-to-use, or a club property?

Understand your Restrictions

Review your documents closely to see if you are legally required to give the original seller (or anyone else) the first right of refusal when selling your timeshare. Even if it is not specified in your ownership documents, you should contact your resort directly to make sure that you can post the timeshare for resale on your own.

Understand your Costs

Find out what transfer fees, if any, your resort charges when you transfer your ownership. Find out if they charge commission when you sell your unit, even if they weren't involved in the sale (you may be surprised to know that this DOES occasionally happen!).

About Newport Timeshares R Us

We offer a full service resale service to the timeshare owners in Rhode Island, we cover the Newport and Jamestown resorts.

We are one of the very few resale services that does not charge a listing fee, there are no expenses out the sellers pocket to be paid at front, our company only gets paid when we sell or rent your timeshare for you.

You will need the following:

1. Your warranty deed

2. Copy of the latest maintenance bill

3. Receipt of the latest maintenance bill payment

We need to know how much you pay the property.

Please call us or send us an Email with any questions

Newport Timeshares R Us

Jorge Muralles